All incoming reservations can be done by phone, fax, or e-mail. Once a reservation is made it is booked within our system with a confirmation number as well as the client’s contact information.

Since each limousine is prepared with vouchers, billing is done through the office and our customers do not need to pay at the time of pick up.

Our accounting, reservation, and billing systems offer our customers weekly invoices and receipts through a well structured manner. In addition, services may be billed or paid with any major credit card which is kept on file in the office.

All client information is kept on file in our company office through the use of Microsoft Outlook and QuickBooks systems. Other Microsoft systems are also used for organizational purposes such as invoice tracking.

Admire Limo accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, etc. Payments can also be done through personal checks, as well as cash. If the ride is reserved under a corporate account, the passenger will be provided with a voucher which is later processed and billed through the office to the corporate account.

Admire Limo requires a minimum of thirty minutes notice in advance of a local pick up, an hour minimum for a pick up within the five boroughs, and a minimum of two hours notice for out of town pick ups in order for a cancellation to be processed. Each cancellation is processed with a cancellation code for future reference.

Waiting time for scheduled airport pick ups begins 15 minutes after the flights scheduled arrival time and 3O minutes for international flights. If a passenger is a “no show” they will be charged an appropriate fee for their pick up.

Payment information

A voucher is required for all rides booked with the company. The voucher is processed through the office and sent out to the customer for payment approximately one week after the trip is completed. The voucher includes the fare, tolls (if any), additional stops (if any), waiting time (if any), service charge, W/C tax, credit card charge (if any), gratuity, and a $3.00 voucher-processing fee.